Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1. Purpose
The purpose of Asan Medical Center Website Terms of Use (hereinafter “the Terms”) is to prescribe the rights, obligations and responsibilities of users and Asan Medical Center (hereinafter “AMC”) in connection with users’ use of Internet-related services (hereinafter “the Services”) offered by AMC.

Article 2. Definitions

  1. 1. User (Member): An individuals who accesses AMC Website, applies for membership subscription according to the Terms and receives the Services offered by AMC.
  2. 2. Operator: An individual or a party designated by AMC for general management and facilitated operation of the Services.
  3. 3. Links: Websites that are connected to the Website via a hyperlink system (Hyperlinked object may include texts, still images and dynamic images).
  4. 4. Membership subscription: A series of activities where one enters the relevant information in the application template available from the Website and expresses consent to the Terms to complete the service use agreement.
  5. 5. Account (ID): A combination of letters and numbers selected by users and defined by AMC for AMC to identify users and for users to use the Services.
  6. 6. Password: A combination of letters, numbers or symbols selected by the members themselves and kept secret in order to verify that the user accounts granted belong to the members and to protect member information as well their rights and benefits.
  7. 7. Personal information: Information that can identify a specific individual from his or her name, resident registration number, etc. that are contained in the relevant information (Even if the relevant information alone cannot identify a specific individual, the information shall be considered personal information if it can easily be combined with other information and associated with an identifiable individual.)
  8. 8. Withdrawal from membership: An activity performed by users to terminate the service use agreement after the Services were initiated.

Article 3. Posting of and Changes to the Terms

  1. 1. AMC shall post on the Website the Terms as well as the hospital name, postal address and e-mail address so that Users can be well informed.
  2. 2. AMC may amend the Terms in case of inevitable circumstances as long as the relevant laws and regulations are not violated.
  3. 3. Any matters that are not specified in the Terms and interpretation of the Terms shall be subject to the relevant laws and regulations or commercial practices.

Article 4. Description of and Changes to the Services

  1. 1. The Services provided by AMC are as follows:
    • Information on AMC medical teams and medical consultation schedules
    • All kinds of reservation services offered by AMC or through the links
    • Health consultation service offered by AMC or through the links
    • Health information offered by AMC
    • Other services as defined by AMC
  2. 2. AMC may amend the content of the Services in case of inevitable circumstances. In this case, changed content of the Services and relevant date(s) shall be clearly stated and announced on the Website for each language.
  3. 3. AMC shall not compensate for any damages suffered by users due to changed content of the Services. However, this shall not apply if such damages resulted from willful misconduct or gross negligence of AMC.

Article 5. Service Interruption

  1. 1. AMC may temporarily interrupt the Services for reasons including: maintenance, replacement and failure of equipment such as the system; communication breakdown; and, other inevitable circumstances.
  2. 2. AMC shall not compensate for any damages suffered by users or any third party due to temporary service interruption for reasons described in Article 5.1 above. However, this shall not apply if such damages resulted from willful misconduct or gross negligence of AMC.

Chapter 2. Membership Subscription and Withdrawal from Membership

Article 6. Membership Subscription

  1. 1. Users shall enter member information on the template as designated by AMC, express consent to the Terms and submit an application to become a member.
  2. 2. AMC shall register as members the users not falling under each of the following items out of the users who have applied for membership in Article 6.1 above.
    • Where an applicant for membership has lost his or her membership status under Article 7.3 of the Terms.
    • Where an applicant for membership has entered false information, failed to enter relevant information or entered incorrect information in the registration information.
    • Where it is otherwise found difficult to register an applicant for membership due to AMC’s technical conditions or conduct of business.
  3. 3. An agreement for membership shall be formed when AMC grants an approval for the application.

Article 7. Withdrawal from Membership, Disqualification, etc.

  1. 1. Any member may at any time request AMC to withdraw from the Services. If a member requests to withdraw from his or her membership, AMC may verify the member’s identification and shall take measures according to the member’s withdrawal request after the member’s identification is verified.
  2. 2. When a member wants to withdraw from his or her membership, the withdrawal can be processed by sending an e-mail to the responsible department or through other available measures.
  3. 3. When a member is applicable to each of the following items, AMC may disqualify the membership accordingly.
    • In case a member has registered false information at the time of membership application.
    • In case a member poses a threat to orders by interfering with another person’s use of the Services or stealing such person’s information.
    • In case a member spreads unproven, false information and engages in selling unapproved products in AMC.
    • In case a member engages in unapproved medical activities in AMC or use AMC as a promotional location for medical activities.
    • In case a member obstructs the operation of the Website by, for example, changing information offered in AMC.
    • In case a member conducts an act prohibited by the law and the Terms or contradicting public order and good morals, by use of AMC.
    • In case a member has violated the Terms.
    • In other cases where it is judged inappropriate to maintain the eligibility of the member.
  4. 4. Accounts that have not used the Website over a year shall be turned into an inactive state and relevant data shall be stored separately.

Article 8. Notice to Members

  1. 1. AMC, when notifying a member, may use the e-mail address or phone number given to AMC by the member.
  2. 2. AMC, when giving a notice to unspecified and many members, may post the notice on a bulletin board instead of giving individual notices to each member.

Article 9. Medical Appointment Request and Confirmation

  1. 1. Users shall follow the below procedure to make a medical appointment request on AMC Website:
    • Enter e-mail address and password.
    • Enter required fields designated by AMC.
    • Express the consent to the Terms.
  2. 2. AMC shall approve a medical appointment requested in Article 9.1 above unless it does not apply to the following cases:
    • In case the request includes false, omitted or incorrect information
    • In case it is found difficult to approve the request due to technical conditions.
    • The medical appointment is deemed confirmed when AMC’s approval notice reaches the user via e-mail or mobile phone.

Chapter 3. Personal Information Protection and Management

Article 10. Member Accounts (ID) and Passwords

  1. 1. AMC shall assign an account to a member comprised of a certain combination of letters and numbers selected by the member in order to protect the member’s information and provide service-related information, etc. for the member’s convenience.
  2. 2. AMC shall perform all member management activities such as checking the relevant member’s eligibility to use a service.
  3. 3. Members should manage their own personal information with the care of a good manager. Members shall be responsible for any and all damages caused by their own negligence in managing their personal information or by granting a third party to use their personal information.
  4. 4. Members shall be responsible for managing their passwords that can be changed any time by the members as desired due to security reasons, for example.

Article 11. Provision of and Changes to Member Information

  1. 1. When members are required to provide information to AMC in accordance with the Terms, members should provide truthful information and shall not be protected from any disadvantages caused by providing false information.
  2. 2. Members can view and edit their personal information at any time through the personal information management screen. However, their real name, account (ID), etc. that are required for service management cannot be edited.
  3. 3. Members should inform AMC of any changes to information entered at the time of membership subscription application by sending an e-mail to the responsible department or through other available measures.
  4. 4. AMC shall not be held responsible for any disadvantages caused by failure to inform AMC of the changes in Article 11.3 above.

Article 12. Personal Information Protection and Management
AMC strives to protect the personal information of the users as prescribed by the relevant laws and regulations. Matters related to protection and use of personal information shall be subject to the relevant laws and regulations as well as the “Personal Information Handling Policy” which is announced separately by AMC.

  1. 1. AMC’s Personal Information Handling Policy shall not apply to simple links connected from the Website and each service page, excluding individual services that are offered as part of the Services.
  2. 2. AMC shall not be responsible for any information including member account information disclosed due to reasons attributable to applicable members.

Chapter 4. Limitation of Liability Regarding the Services

Article 13. Health Consultation Services

  1. 1. AMC exerts its best efforts to maintain the security of consultation discussions so that no relevant information is released to any third party except for the responsible medical staff. However, AMC shall not be held responsible for the disclosure of or damage to such discussions caused by any of the following reasons.
    • In case a user’s password was disclosed due to user negligence.
    • In case of other force majeure reasons including natural disasters.
  2. 2. Medical counselors can refer to relevant discussions and answers in order to provide comprehensive and appropriate answers in response to a user’s consultation request.
  3. 3. Consultation discussions held through the Services can be used for the following purposes in a format where no specific individual is identified.
    • Academic activities
    • Publication activities related to printed materials, CD-ROM, etc.
    • Part of the Services including FAQs, Recommended Consultation, etc.
  4. 4. Answers given for any consultation session are subjective answers based on the medical knowledge of each medical expert, and therefore, cannot constitute official opinions of AMC. AMC shall not be held responsible for any consultation discussions.
  5. 5. Consultation requests that apply to any of the following may be rejected:
    • When a user makes consultation requests for the same matter repetitively.
    • When a user uses expressions that are against common sense in making a consultation.
    • When a user makes a consultation request that requires a diagnosis.
    • When a user makes a consultation request in relation to medical expenses, testing charges, pharmaceuticals price, etc.

Article 14. Health Information Services

  1. 1. Health information offered by AMC is in broad, general terms and no more than a specific person’s opinions, hence it can never substitute professional medical diagnosis, service or treatment in any circumstances.
  2. 2. AMC does not guarantee any specific test, product or therapy mentioned in the Health Information Services.
  3. 3. AMC shall not be held responsible in relation to offering health information as such information offered by AMC shall be used solely based on a user’s judgment.

Article 15. The Relationship Between AMC and Links
AMC shall not be subject to warranty liability for transactions between users and links for goods and services independently offered by the links.

Chapter 5. Obligations of AMC and Users

Article 16. Obligations of AMC

  1. 1. AMC shall do its best not to commit any acts prohibited by the law and the Terms or contradicting public order and good morals. AMC shall do its best to provide the Services with continuity and stability as prescribed in the Terms.
  2. 2. AMC shall do its best to protect user information through technical safety measures and committed management in regards to personal information security including credit information of the users.
  3. 3. AMC shall maximize customer satisfaction and contribute to the development of Internet business by offering quality services through fair and sound operation as well as continuous R&D efforts.
  4. 4. AMC shall not send profit-seeking ad e-mails unwanted by the users.

Article 17. Obligations Concerning User Membership Accounts (ID) and Passwords

  1. 1. Users shall use their e-mail address and password when using AMC’s Internet medical services.
  2. 2. Users shall be held responsible for all the matters related to their e-mail address and password.
  3. 3. Users shall not have a third party use their e-mail address and password.
  4. 4. Users shall take full responsibility for their mismanagement of their e-mail address and password.
  5. 5. When users become aware that their e-mail address and password have been stolen or are being used by a third party, the users shall promptly notify to AMC and follow instructions given by AMC, if any.
  6. 6. Members should change their password every 6 months according to AMC’s recommendation.

Article 18. Obligations of Users

  1. 1. Users should not do the following acts:
    • Making false registrations when submitting an application or modifying it.
    • Altering information posted on AMC.
    • Transmitting or posting information (e.g., computer program) other than designated by AMC.
    • Infringing on any intellectual property, such as copyright, of AMC and any other third party.
    • Damaging the reputation or interfering with the business of AMC and any other third party.
    • Disclosing or posting, on AMC Website, obscene or violent messages, pictures, voices or other information contradicting public order and good morals.
    • Offering medical and counseling services or making such arrangements for other users.
    • Advertising a third party’s medical service activities.
    • Selling products or making arrangements to sell such products.
    • Performing other activities that are judged inappropriate.
  2. 2. In case any of the information listed in Article 18. 1 above or any information which is judged inappropriate by AMC for Website operation is posted on AMC Website or posted on any links to the Website, AMC may delete the relevant information posted on AMC Website or cut off the applicable link(s) without approval of users or otherwise the person(s) who uploaded such information. However, it is not AMC’s obligation to delete such information or cut off the link(s).

Chapter 6. Other

Article 19. Copyright-holder and Restricted Use

  1. 1. Any copyright for works created by AMC and other intellectual property rights shall belong to AMC.
  2. 2. Users may not copy, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast or otherwise use for profit, any information, obtained from use of the Website or have a third party use the same without AMC’s prior approval.

Article 20. Dispute Resolution

  1. 1. Efforts shall be made to resolve any disputes that arise in relation to any and all matters in using the Services except for matters prescribed in the Terms through mutual agreement as much as possible.
  2. 2. In case users seek to raise any complaint or present any opinion in relation to using the Website, users can submit such complaint or opinion by sending an e-mail to the responsible department or through other available measures.
  3. 3. AMC shall handle, with priority, complaints and opinions submitted by users if it is judged that such complaints and opinions are reasonable. However, if it is difficult to handle them promptly, the users shall be immediately notified of the reason thereof and a schedule for handling.

Article 21. Jurisdiction and Governing Law

  1. 1. Any lawsuit concerning a dispute between AMC and users in relation to the use of the Services shall be filed at a competent court with jurisdiction under the Civil Procedure Act.
  2. 2. Any e-commerce lawsuit between AMC and users shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

The Terms shall be effective as of April 1, 2022.



The purpose for collecting and using personal data at Asan Medical Center is to register and manage members of the online website. Asan Medical Center will collect and use personal data for the following purposes:

  1. ① For patient identification purposes of those who will use membership services including checking reservations for appointments, second medical opinion and video consultations, and checking results for testing/screenings, etc.
  2. ② Used as a communication channel for delivering notices and handling complaints
  3. ③ Used for processing online inquiries and replies
  4. ④ Used to reserve an appointment for referral patients

Personal information processing (handling) may be entrusted to an external company to process the purposes mentioned above, and its details will be disclosed on the website.

Data to be collected at Asan Medical Center are as follows:

[Required Information]
Name, Date of Birth, Password, E-mail, Gender, Nationality, Phone Number, Address, Language, Medical information, Passport etc

Term of personal data processing & retention
Personal data is retained and used for as long as the client receives services from Asan Medical Center. The Hospital will delete your personal data immediately upon withdrawal from membership.

  1. ① Period of use: Membership period (immediately destroyed after withdrawal / Separate storage of personal information if unused for more than 1 year)
  2. ② If collected for medical treatment: according to the standards set forth in the Medical Services Act

Your personal data, however, may be further retained even after the purpose for collecting or obtaining personal data is fulfilled if it is still required to be retained under applicable statutory provisions in the Commercial Code, etc.

[Disadvantages for Refusing Consent]
You may refuse to consent to the above mentioned purposes and may withdraw your consent at any time after consent. However, we inform you that the personal information collected is the minimum basic information necessary for a smooth process. Your refusal to consent may cause limitations in receiving services at Asan Medical Center.